we did it yal. chargaux x softglas​

vogue featured our music today, humbling . true to form, we’re still broke and baroque. our project comes out next week and we still play around in subways to get shit done ^.^ 

in a joint collab with our dear friend Softglas, we consider this an emotionally sophisticated composition. we had to kick each other out of the studio in order to write each of our solos. chargaux presents



Episode Four: A Woman’s Work


In this week’s episode of Talk360, Keesa and Djevna give their thoughts on Aaliyah’s biopic finally getting the green light, Robin Thicke throwing himself a public pity party, YouTube’s power play against independent labels, #FelonCrushFriday, and more! This week’s 360 topic is “A Woman’s Work” (25:26), where they examine women’s role in the workplace and overcoming society’s gender norms. Check it out!

Show Links:

The Roundup

  1. Aaliyah Biopic Gets Green Light for Lifetime
  2. Baby Nori’s First Birthday
  3. Lupita Nyong’o Lands Her First Vogue Cover
  4. Robin Thicke Releases Visuals for “Want Her Back”
  5. YouTube to Delete Independent Artists from Site
  6. Airplane Security Fees on the Rise
  7. Uber’s $18 Billion Valuation
  8. #FelonCrushFriday

Our Faves of the Week

  1. Buzzfeed Video: If Black People Said the Stuff White People Say

360 Topic: A Women’s Work

  1. Pantene’s “Not Sorry” Campaign
  2. Women Don’t Speak Up at High-level Meetings
  3. Why Women Don’t Speak Up and What We Can Do About It
  4. The Atlantic “The Confidence Gap” Article


Posts like this: 27 Things Things You Must Say Goodbye to at 27


Episode Three: Through Thick and Thin


In the third installment of Talk360, Keesa and Djevna discuss Blue Ivy being better than you on her worst day, stalkers playing house, and how a name like Quintavius is asking for nothing but trouble. This week’s 360 topic is “Through Thick and Thin” (26:00), where they discuss the realities of staying loyal in relationships. Tune in to see if Chris Brown knew what he was talking about in his 2014 hit.

Show Links:

The Roundup

  1. Blue Ivy’s Petition
  2. Yahoo News Announces Kelly Rowland Expecting Blue Ivy’s Assistant
  3. Sanna Lathan Has a Stalker
  4. T.I. Thinks Tiny’s Not Loyal
  5. Eve Marries Her Billionaire Beau
  6. BBC News Article: The Next Billionaires in Numbers
  7. Starbucks to Send Employees to College for Free

Our Faves of the Week

  1. Buzzfeed Quizzes
  2. Live, Learn, Evolve - 25 Websites That Will Make You a Genius


Aunt Catfishes Neice and Discovers Plot to Murder Family

When economists and journalists compare the economic performance of different places, they tend to focus on big things, such as tax rates and government spending. But the Texas story is best understood as an aggregation of little things: tiny regulations you’ve never heard of that make it easier for employers to expand their businesses — and hire more people — in Texas than elsewhere.

Opinion: The middle class is shrinking in America but growing in Texas

The state’s economic boom is becoming impossible to ignore

(via aljazeeraamerica)

Episode Two: A Grad Decision


In their second show, Keesa and Djevna discuss the N-word being dropped by white people with black friends, Kung-Fu judges, and whether or not the “C” in Christian stands for cheater. This week’s 360 topic is “A Grad Decision” (22:48). Tune in to hear them speak with their first guest, Henry Johnson, as they try and determine if grad school even makes sense for millennials.

Episode 2 is here everyone! Check it out!



Stunning serie body painted animals by I Love Body Art

Even after I learned what the images below were, I still had a hard time recognizing the features I was supposed to be seeing in most of them. Let’s see if you can do better than me.

So, you’re about to see an incredible series of body paintings created by artists such as Emma Fay from the UK, Gesine Marwedel from Germany, Johannes Stoetter from Italy and many others whose astonishing works you can view at the website I Love Body Art.

  1. Johannes Stotter
  2. helen-eyre
  3. Emma Fay
  4. Johannes Sotter
  5. Gesine Marwedel
  6. Emma Fay
  7. Emma Fay,
  8. Craig Tracy
  9. Gesine Marwedel
  10. Gesine Marwedel